Under this President, Mississippians are suffering. Everything costs more. From groceries to gas,
we’re seeing our paychecks stretched to the limit and beyond. Making ends meet, finding good
jobs and surviving this economic crisis are the top concerns of the people of my district.

Congress should be focused on an agenda that promotes economic growth for our nation. I have
worked to encourage investment and job creation here in America and in Mississippi. I have
targeted the forces that drive up the costs of health care, energy, food and more. Unfortunately,
Congress and the President continue to ignore the crisis at hand and just keep kicking the
problems down the road.

I will continue to press for legislation to tackle our biggest problems – health care reform,
entitlement reform, gas price relief and more. House Republicans have passed over 150 jobs
bills over the last three years that would jumpstart our economy, reduce red tape, and get
Americans working again. These bills have died at the feet of Harry Reid and the Senate, but I
will continue to fight for policies that help Mississippi families.