National Security

We all owe a debt to the men and women who have served and given their lives in defense of
liberty and freedom. The well-being and health of America’s servicemen and women is a top
priority for me. As a member of the National Guard who has been deployed, I know first-hand
that members and their families have made tremendous personal sacrifices to make the world a
safer place.

I support our troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world. It’s wrong to
play politics with the troops, and we’ve all seen the consequences of these decisions paid out
in American lives. It often seems that our fighting men and women are led by a Commander In
Chief who is AWOL, “Absent, With Out Leadership.” The enemies of the United States have
been presented with a view of our nation that makes us look mean-spirited. They have been told
that we are a nation of bullies, wimps and cowards. They’ve heard these messages straight from
our own Commander-In-Chief.

I will work to make sure our troops have the tools, equipment and supplies they need to do the
mission and come home as soon as possible. This nation needs a strong national defense, but
to keep it strong we need a robust economy. That means getting rid of sequestration, which
does tremendous damage to our national security. We have been successful in replacing part
of the sequester for the next several years, a big victory for our men and women in uniform.

I have also led the fight to keep shipbuilding at Ingalls strong. They continue to produce the best
warships in the world, and continued funding is vital for jobs and our Mississippi economy.
Finally, I will always advocate for our veterans. The House made significant progress in securing
veterans’ health benefits over the past two years, but much more still needs to be done. A
recently-passed budget cut retiree cost of living allowance increases, something I do not support.
Congress should work to immediately fix and restore these pension changes for our retirees.