One of the biggest concerns I hear from my constituents is how terrible Obamacare is for them
and their families. That is why I have voted to repeal, replace, delay, defund, and dismantle this
law. I will vote another 40 times to do it until it is off the books for good. I’ve also introduced
and received a tremendous amount of support for a constitutional amendment to rip the heart out
of Obamacare. My “Right to Refuse” legislation is simple – it prevents Congress from enacting
taxes that punish you for refusing to purchase a good or service like healthcare. This common
sense solution would solve the impending Obamacare crisis once and for all. Below are just a
handful of the problems we’ve seen with Obamacare.

o Increases Healthcare Costs
The primary goal of Obamacare was to make healthcare more affordable, and it doesn't
even do that, it actually makes healthcare more expensive for most Americans. Even
Medicare's Chief Actuary said that Obamacare does not keep cost down.

o Causes Insurance Premiums to Rise
In an already sluggish economy, the last thing we need to do is force Americans to fork
out more money for their healthcare, and that is exactly what Obamacare does. It has
been estimated that Obamacare will cause between 1% and 9% increase in premiums.
This means that most American families will have to fork out on average $2,100 more
for health insurance, and in most cases they are getting less coverage than what they have

o Hurts Quality of Healthcare
Obamacare has been so catastrophic to the healthcare industry to the point that a large
percentage of physicians will completely stop practicing medicine, thus making the
doctor shortage worsen, leading to a more limited access to healthcare and longer waits
for patients.

o Adds Nearly $570,000,000,000 in Tax Hikes
Most of these tax hikes are going to fall on the backs of Middle Class Americans and
Small businesses.

o Adds Over $500,000,000,000 to the National Debt
Need I say more?

o It creates a part-time economy
With Obamacare's regulations that have been proven costly for any business with 50 or
more employees, many of these businesses are being forced to make many of their full
time employee's part-time to avoid penalties and keep their doors open.

o It is killing Jobs
Never before in our nation’s history has the federal government made a law that
completely destroys jobs like Obamacare has.

o It causes Americans to lose their Healthcare plans
With Factcheck.com giving President Obama the “Lie of the Year Award” with
his famous claim “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. Period,” many
Americans that thought they could keep their healthcare plans have come to find out
that they can’t all due to Obamacare. 5 million Americans had their insurance cancelled
because of the law.

o It increases the size of government
Under Obamacare, the IRS will hire over 16,000 “enforcers”, and with the recent IRS
scandals targeting conservatives, the last thing we need is more IRS agents.

o Tax-Payer funded Abortions
The Federal Government should not be paying for immoral acts or requiring insurers to
cover abortions under their plans.

o We simply can’t afford it, for ourselves, our children, or our grandchildren