Where I Stand

Taxes & Spending

As a Certified Public Accountant, I know the importance of fiscal control. The dangerous cycle
of spending without considering the cost and asking the American people to bear the burden
through higher taxes cannot continue. It is time to stop the spending and reduce the dangerous
national debt. As a small business owner who has created jobs, it’s clear to me that higher taxes,
out of control spending and an outrageous national debt threaten our future. The government
must stop spending money it doesn’t have. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.

More and more of our limited resources are being spent on unlimited entitlement programs and
reasonable cuts must become a reality. What has our nation become when 29 million Americans
depend on the government for assistance to live their lives every day? We must cut back on the
way we spend America’s money. I truly believe that Americans are willing to accept cuts if the
sacrifice is truly shared and wasteful spending is eliminated.

Since I was first elected, House Republicans have cut the budget by more than $165 billion
dollars. When Democrats were in control, they increased spending by $210 billion. So we’ve
made significant progress. More must be done, especially to tackle entitlement spending – the
true driver of our national debt and deficits.