May 8, 2018
Bad Deal!

I’ve called for the outright rejection of the Iran nuclear agreement and have supported tough sanctions against Iran as President Trump works to undo this bad deal he inherited from President Obama, John Kerry, and Hilary Clinton.

To stop obstructionist Democrats, I even wrote Mitch McConnell encouraging him to change the Senate rules and pass a resolution disapproving of this horrible agreement.

President Obama’s nuclear agreement is a bad deal! It puts Iran down a path to restart nuclear testing and emboldens a regime committed to destroying Israel.

Worse, the Obama Administration’s deal allowed Iran to receive billions!—Cold, hard cash the regime is already using to illicitly spread weapons and missiles to be used against our allies, undermine U.S. policies in the region, and threaten, now more than ever before, our closest friend, Israel!

Our ally Israel has uncovered troves of secret Iranian documents that continue to raise questions on whether Iran has lied about the status and full intent of their nuclear program.

The Iran deal is a disaster and has weakened the U.S. and Israel against Iran!

I join President Trump in holding Iran accountable for their destabilizing actions and not giving in to the demands of an untrustworthy regime!