Less is More

Tonight is the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Tonight they will each lay out a vision for our country and make an argument for why he or she should be elected to the highest office in the land. Tonight is important.

Make no mistake, each candidate will present a vastly different approach for the future of the United States.

The Democrat nominee will ask for more – more regulations, higher taxes, bigger government. She sees a country where the federal government is the answer to all our woes. Hillary Clinton will present a continuation of the last eight years under President Obama and ask for four more. If you think our country is going in the right direction, if you think government needs to do more, Hillary is your candidate.

She is not mine.

Our Republican nominee, Donald Trump, will detail an America of less – less government, fewer regulations, lower taxes. He sees a country where government is the problem, not the answer, much like Ronald Reagan did 35 years ago. Donald Trump will present a new direction for us, all of us. If you think our country is going in the wrong direction, if you think the government needs to do less, if you think we need to Make America Great Again, then Donald Trump is your candidate.

I hope you will watch the debate tonight at 8pm CST and let me know your thoughts.

Afterwards, send me an email or visit my Facebook page to let me know who you thought won the debate and what you thought of each candidate’s performance.

One debate normally does not define an entire campaign, but I can’t think of another debate in my lifetime that is more important than tonight’s.