Nov 3, 2014
Restoring American Leadership

Around the world, the threats to the U.S. are mounting.  Russia.  Syria.  ISIS. Ebola.

But President Obama continues to weaken America’s national defense and our standing in the world.

Steven Palazzo understands the importance of American leadership… and strength.

That’s why Congressman Palazzo is fighting to restore Obama’s dangerous defense cuts;

To protect and grow our military assets like Keesler Air Force Base,  Camp Shelby and our shipbuilders… so our troops have the training, equipment and cutting-edge technology they need to keep us safe;

And to keep the sacred promises we made to our veterans.  Because we owe them our freedom.

President Obama has made the world a more dangerous place.

Congressman Steven Palazzo, a Marine veteran and member of the Mississippi Army National Guard,  is fighting to restore America’s strength.  Both overseas… and here at home.

On November 4th, vote Steven Palazzo.