Stop Initiative 42

As your federal representative in Washington, I do not often weigh in to state-level issues.

But as the father of three young children, I feel strongly that I must stand up and speak out to oppose Ballot Initiative 42. Tomorrow, November 3rd, I urge you to vote no on this misguided, expensive proposal.

I support better funding for our schools. We all do. However this is a decision for parents, teachers, and ultimately your state elected officials in the legislature. Initiative 42 would take the power out of the hands of your electable, accountable representatives and destroy the separation of powers we hold dear.

The debate over Initiative 42 is no longer about our children's education. It's become about power and who should decide the education policies of Mississippi -- elected representatives or the courts. This is unacceptable and it is dangerous.

On Tuesday, join me in voting down Initiative 42.