Jun 30, 2015
Stop the Assault

Last week, we saw one of the greatest assaults on our United States democracy in more than a generation. In one short week, the Supreme Court single-handedly shredded our Constitution in order to appease a vocal, liberal minority, trampling state’s rights and the rule of law in the process.

We must stop this assault. We must fight back.

The assault began when the Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, upholding subsidies for those in states with no health exchanges despite the fact that the actual law says otherwise. The court basically rewrote the Affordable Care Act in order to maintain it.

Then on Friday, the Supreme Court went a step further by legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, completely tossing aside centuries of established state’s rights. Nine justices overrode the will of the people in dozens of states who believe, as I do, that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Friends, it won’t stop here. Already we’ve seen pressure to take down our state flag, a flag which was supported by Mississippi voters more than 2-1 just over a decade ago. The people of Mississippi should decide which flag flies over the State of Mississippi, not outsiders.

Liberals will stop at nothing to destroy the conservative foundations of our country until we have nothing left. They are emboldened by these recent decisions and they are on the attack.

Join me, and let’s fight back against this frontal assault on our democracy, before it is too late.