May 10, 2018
Surge National Guard to the Border

I agree with President Trump. Surge the National Guard to the border now!

Protecting America’s borders and ending illegal immigration can only happen by strengthening our border security.  I have fought with President Trump to secure funding to finally BUILD THE WALL and put a stop to illegal immigration.

I have long called for sending the National Guard to the border. As a soldier in the National Guard and as Chairman of the National Guard and Reserve Caucus, I am working directly with the National Guard leadership to make sure the Guard has the resources to complete the mission and that our soldiers are taken care of.

Tomorrow, 25 of our Mississippi National Guardsmen will deploy to the border as part of Operation Guardian Support.  Our Guardsmen are well trained and great at what they do. They stand ready at all times to assist our President in securing our southern border and protecting the American people.

I WILL NOT stop fighting until our border is secured and the wall is built like the President and the American people have demanded.

As Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, President Trump can count on my support to BUILD THE WALL with every resource available!