Taking Tough Action

It seems every day a new story highlights the moral decay facing our country. We must stand up against these actions and fight back every way that we can.

Conservatives are doing just that.

By now, you've probably seen the horrific videos of Planned Parenthood employees selling the body parts of aborted children. This week, I not only co-authored a bill to ban federal funding from going to this horrendous group, but legislation that would prohibit any taxpayer dollars from going to any organization that performs abortion services.  It's time we put a stop to this madness once and for all.

After four Marines and a Navy sailor were gunned down in cold blood by a terrorist, it is clear that we need to ensure our men and women in uniform can protect themselves.  Those who defend us overseas should be able to defend themselves at home. So, I called on the President to immediately reverse the ban on our troops carrying service weapons. I'm also supporting legislation that would allow commanding officers to arm their soldiers on base. I was proud to see Governor Bryant support the arming of our state guardsmen, as well as honor the fallen by flying the the flags at half-staff.

Finally, the House took action this week to stop federal funds from going to sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. These cities protect criminals, making them, in effect, criminals. These cities should not get a dollar of your hard-earned money.

We're putting the pressure on the Administration, who seems Absent With Out Leadership on these issues.

Help us keep up the fight!