Time to Censure the President

Today I introduced a resolution to formally censure and condemn President Barack Obama.

See the video from the floor here.

This week's actions to trample on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens is just the latest in a long line of President Obama's unconstitutional actions.

Censuring the president is a bold measure, but a necessary measure to serve as a historical and legal rebuke to this President.

It's time for Congress to stand and fight this executive overreach once and for all - not just against this President, but any future president. Congress is an equal branch of government under the United States Constitution. We cannot wait until the next fight or the next president.

Politico has already called my censure resolution "the most direct action that a congressional Republican has taken against Obama after he rolled out a series of executive actions this week."

Someone has to stand and fight. I urge you to stand and fight with me.

We should censure the president for his executive overreach and ensure Congress remains an equal branch of government willing to stand up to this president and any future president who tries to take power away from the American people.